NXT4 Cello- Black

A note from John Krovoza- cellist and owner of Stringvision.

As a ten year endorsee (and now dealer) of NS instruments- I'm very happy to be offering the NXT4 cello. 

This instrument does not require batteries, and is referred to as a "passive" system. This means you don't need to deal with changing batteries, or worry about whether a battery or battery lead will go bad. This cello sounds great. The setup is impeccable, and as a long time user of the NS cello- I'd say it's the best electric cello out there. 

If you'd like to be standing (and walking) while playing- consider the strap system (sold separately, but also offered on this site).

The pickups are switchable from a super smooth electric bass-like pizzicato sound to a very nice arco sound. 

What you see here is the item I have in stock. The cello comes with a tripod stand that is good for sitting or standing.

It also comes with a case with an additional soft inner sleeve that will protect the instrument inside the soft case.

If you live in the Los Angeles area- email info@stringvision.com and we can set up an appointment. 

Thanks and all the best!


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$ 2,109.00 USD $ 1,499.00 USD
  • NXT4 Cello- Black
  • NXT4 Cello- Black