NS Designs NXT Viola- Sunburst

This is the 4 String NXT4 Viola. 

If you are a violist, and need to really amplify and play with a band or other electric instruments on stage- look no more. NS is simply the best out there.

These instruments play great, sound great, and don't seem to feed back at all. For a professional violist who plays regularly with a band- this means that you can grab this and go without worrying about whether a pickup will work, and make the sound guy pretty darn happy- not to mention the audience.

The pickup is a self powered polar pickup system. This means no batteries, and a handy switch that optimizes either arco or pizzicato playing. Plug into a powered (or "active") direct box (usually provided by sound personnel), and you're all set.

 The shoulder rest included is the "custom" shoulder rest by NS which is bendable and height-adjustable. It's a great improvement over any other shoulder rest NS has produced and included with the NXT series.

The tuners also are notable- these are knurled, smooth, precise, and seem to keep the instrument very well in tune. NS is a pioneer with details like this that none of the other electric string manufacturers seem to touch on. Good job NS Designs!

Get serious- cry once, and you'll never cry again with this electric viola.


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$ 1,889.00 USD $ 1,349.00 USD
  • NS Designs NXT Viola- Sunburst
  • NS Designs NXT Viola- Sunburst
  • NS Designs NXT Viola- Sunburst