NXT4 Violin - Black

Take a close look at this NXT Violin from NS. It's a real find and it's the real thing. 

Had problems in the past with feedback, bad tone, with that other setup?

Leave it to the premiere maker of electric instruments to solve real problems and leave the professional player with a real professional solution. This is the 4 string NS Designs violin that hits the sweet spot between price point and quality. In order to get a lasting solution, as with anything- you'll pay a little more. And in this case- you get a lot more. 

The pickups on this instrument (two- one for pizz and one for arco) are switchable. This means a really good arco sound, and if you happen to be playing long passage with pizz- flip the switch and you'll find the pizz sound to be incredible in it's own right.

Tuning is better and easier than anything on any violin. NS Designs includes their patented NS Tuners on this instrument.

Also- the custom shoulder rest is a real "solid" on the part of NS Designs- it's bendable and height-adjustable. 

The NXT Series is significantly lighter than the CR series, weighing in at 650 grams- a difference of 70 grams that will make a lot of violinists pretty happy on longer gigs. 

This ones a keeper. Grab it while it's available, because these don't sit on the shelves for too long. 

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$ 1,769.00 USD $ 1,269.00 USD
  • NXT4 Violin - Black
  • NXT4 Violin - Black
  • NXT4 Violin - Black