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Apr 23 2008

The Stringvision Bowgrip is life saver. Holding the bow was recently an issue with my tendonitis. before when I was only able to do one movement of a Bach Cello Suite I am able to do the whole suite without much problem. Thanks so much for
this wonderful invention.
Michael Allen
Madison, Wisconsin

Apr 23 2008

I love my Bowgrip because of the comfort it provides, and assistance it gives to help me reach the proper bowhand form…. Thank you so much for your product …I intend to recommend this Bowgrip to my peers.
Mary Brosnan
San Rafael, CA

This is a great product- I was using surgical tubing forever and always wished there was a real product that really worked. I basically can think about the music more without the distraction of re-adjusting my grip. Much less tension. Yes!
It’s a bit sticky, and I put a bit of corn stach on the inside- which let it slide right on.
Great job Stringvision!
Anita Zlatkova- Phoenix, AZ

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